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May 15 2015

Kesha's New Style - Doing More with Less

If you have been reading any sort of news websites recently, you have no doubt heard about the transformation of Kesha. Kesha is a current pop star who has been known to be unique to say the least. When she first came onto the scene she was known for wearing all kinds of odd outfits. Further, she also was known to wear some of the craziest makeup that has been seen in a long time. She called back to the early days of glam rock and those like David Bowie in his early Ziggy Stardust days. I feel that this needs to be written about because there are too many of us girls out there who are looking like old Kesha when the need to look like the new one.

Just because a certain style of makeup may seem like it is the right fit for you does not make it so. Kesha's new updated look is really great one and it truly helps to show off her real beauty. Her style now is more conservative and normal but still maintains a little edge to it. I think that this style of presenting yourself strikes the perfect balance and is usually the best go to plan for anyone using makeup.

On one side of the spectrum, you don't want to look so over the top that it makes you look bad in that way. However, you also don't want to be so conservative and run of the mill that no one pays attention to you. Or even worse, you end up hiding your own beauty and showing off your unique benefits. I highly encourage you all to go and check out the newest pictures of her and I bet that you will be quite surprised with her new look, as we all were.

Lastly, let this be a lesson to everyone, don't be afraid to stand out but do it in a way that actually makes you look really good. By altering her look and namely her makeup from an old look to a new one, she ends up looking like a whole new person, which is pretty crazy. On another note, I hope that this means we will be having a new album to look forward from her. She was had some hits recently but maybe this new look means a new musical style as well.

October 19 2014

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